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Oct 7, 2017

Incredible application!!

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To say that this application is "powerful" is an understatement. Incredible abilities with an elgant interface. This application goes way beyond photos and music and can be used to pull out all sorts of metadata- even from eml and other files. Customer support to match!


Realizing I am the first to post- and I can't say enough good about the application and developer, it is easy to be mistaken for someone that has a realtionship with this company but I can tell you I have no realtionship with the developer, the company, employees or anyone else relate to this application. I found this application in the app store after days of searching the internet for a renaming solution that I was becoming increasingly convinced would require hiring a developer for custom programing at substantial cost. Thanks shiftbright for an incredible product and awesome customer support!



Oct 7, 2017

Dear CG,


We really appreciate your review in our forum.


Thanks a lot for letting us know that you enjoy using Bright Renamer, we are very happy that it helped you accomplish the renaming task you have needed.


Please feel free to contact us for any further questions you might have and we will happily assist.




Best regards,

Shiftbright Support Team

New Posts
  • stefan.purder
    Jul 14, 2018

    Hi, I'm still testing Bright Renamer and it's interesting. Now I would like to include the date (e.g. creation date) in the file name. For this I only want to use the date in the format YYYYY-MM-DD. Can I set the date format anywhere? Old Name: File.txt NeName: 2018-06-11-File.txt
  • Daryll Ray
    Dec 6, 2017

    My pictures are filed in folders named with date (YYYYMMDD) followed by a descriptive title based on event and/or people. For example: "20160523 David & Const Workers." When using pictures in slide shows, I would like to see what folder the pic came from. The path name is unnecessary, only adding to the length of the title. Is there an existing script that I could use or better yet could this feature be "added to the list?" This is a great app!!!