Embedded fonts deliver your story whole

You invest time and energy in carefully matching custom fonts that fit your message, better represent your brand, and professionally upgrade the looks of your slideshow. But what does someone who doesn’t have your fonts on their device see when they open your PPTX file?

When you embed fonts

When you don't...

Embedding fonts lets PowerPoint display them on other devices even if they are not locally installed.

When custom fonts are not available on other devices, PowerPoint displays Arial and Times New Roman instead.

-Great, but doesn’t PowerPoint already come with a font embedding feature?

Not on Mac.

Presentation Font Embedder gives you the freedom to use the fonts that you want by bundeling them with your presentation files for display everywhere.

For Mac PowerPoint users, there's Presentation Font Embedder

✓ Embed effortlessly

Embedding is as easy as dragging your PowerPoint file onto the Presentation Font Embedder Window.

You can also select the embedding method that suits your needs (more on this below).

Easily fits any workflow!

✓ Show your custom fonts anywhere

Using our Universal method, your fonts will display on any imaginable device. Whether your audiences use Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices or PCs - they will all see your presentation just as you intended them to.

✓ Keep your animations

Unlike PDF files, PowerPoint presentations are meant to be interactive and animated. Presentation Font Embedder allows you to keep most or all of your animations intact.

(not just one, but-)

Two embedding methods

Presentation Font Embedder comes with two included embedding methods! That’s one more than even what the Windows PowerPoint offers.



A completely new embedding method
exclusive to Mac users

The familiar method offered by
PowerPoint on Windows

How it works

Fonts display on

Supported font formats

Embedding restrictions

Text remains editable

Animations supported

Embedding requires

Smartly converts text to images

Includes font files inside PPTX


Free of restrictions


Most shape-level animations

Truetype and OpenType-Truetype

Some fonts restricted by creator


All animations

PowerPoint 2011 or 2016

Free of requirements

Don't take our word...

Check out what leading presentation experts are saying about us:

We share a common obsession

It was rightly so that we would build a font embedding app for Mac. With a unique combination of software development expertise, rich user experience design background, and hours spent on presentation design and presenting - we had the skill, and more importantly the passion, to solve this problem for ourselves and for all Mac PowerPoint users.

Ari Leviatan

Sahar Radomsky

PowerPoint® font embedding solution for Mac® users.

Presentation Font Embedder

Presentation Font Embedder is also available on the

Supercharge your presentations with unique fonts

Presentation Font Embedder

Presentation Font Embedder is also available on the

Presentation Font Embedder requires OS X / macOS version 10.8.5 or above.
The Universal embedding method also requires Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or 2016 installed.


Recommended method for most situations



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