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Bright Renamer

File renaming automation tool for Mac® users.

Bright Renamer is available on the

Bright Renamer takes renaming files to a whole new level. This effortless system automates filenames with "Renaming Rules" that provide many changes including text manipulation, sequence numbering, and much more. With this powerful mechanism, you can save time and keep your data organized.

Intuitive User Experience

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in hundreds of windows, not knowing where to find your important files? We considered this, and in the end, we feature 1 window with 4 split screens. This allows you to get everything done in an easier way.

Working area:
After adding rules from the renaming rules repository area pane, you will be able to set
the behaviour of each renaming rule.

Files / Preview area:
Drag files or folders to the files pane and see in real time how filenames will be renamed according to the rules you have defined.

Meta data area:
Use meta data extracted from your files as a basis

for your new filename.

Renaming rules repository area:
Drag any of the available renaming rules types from the repository area to the working area.

See it in action

Click the YouTube video window below to see Bright Renamer in action:

Keep your files and folders organized

Files imported from digital cameras/music players and media apps sometimes contain

irrelevant names. Use Bright Renamer's renaming rules and meta data extraction capability to rename them instantaneously to descriptive meaningful names.

When using Bright Renamer:

Bright Renamer's "Add Sequence" rule automatically adds

formatted numbering and "Add Text" rule inserts information from photos meta data right into your filenames.

When you don't...

Imported filenames are meaningless.

The possibilities are endless

Bright Renamer is bundled with 12 rules, hundreds of rules settings, 157 meta data tags.

The 2 advanced renaming rules: AppleScript and RegEx make it useful to Power Users too (more details below).

Digital Music

Did you import your favourite CDs to your computer or maybe you buy music on the iTunes store? Do you have folders with songs

having inconsistent filesnames?
Bright Renamer can extract information
(for example: ID3 tags) from the meta data of audio files (MP3/FLAC and many more) such as: Album name/artist/title/etc...
Have your music library organized.

Digital Photography - EXIF

Are you a digital photographer or maybe you

have folders with tons of photos files named similar to DSC4815.jpg ?
Bright Renamer knows how to extract information about the photo from the meta data of photos such as: Date picture taken/aperture/GPS location/etc...
Easily rename the file to contain such information.

Video formats

Bright Renamer supports around 30 different Media Containers. Extract valuable information such as: video runtime/bitrate/codecs/etc...
among the supported file formats you can find:
MKV/OGG/QT/FLAC/AC3/DTS and many more...

Documents and other files

Did you know that your Office documents contain meta data too (such as: number of pages/author/etc...), Bright Renamer provides

many tools even for regular files, you can use

renaming rules to: Fix spaces in filenames, add sequence numbering, change filenames case and many other string manipulation tasks.

Advanced Profiles repositories

Power users (such as: system admins/IT experts and others) will find the last 2 rules:
RegEx & AppleScript very useful for advanced renaming features.

Even if you don't have any scripting knowledge, you can take advantage of

the RegEx & AppleScript profiles repositories.

Still can't find a solution for your file renaming task? Browse RegEx profiles, refresh your repository from online db or share your own RegEx profile with others.

Bright Renamer also comes with an integrated AppleScript editor, which allows you to manipulate filenames using AppleScript and even sending the input/output string to external utils.

Updating profiles repository from our server is also available for AppleScript. The checkmark icon will show you realtime verification of the code.

Advanced renaming rules

Bright Renamer

Keep your files and folders


Bright Renamer is available on the

Bright Renamer requires OS X / macOS version 10.9 or above.

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