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No embedded fonts notice

You may have seen the following notice on a PowerPointⓇ presentation:

"The PowerPoint version you are using is unable to read this presentation’s embedded fonts. This may reduce readability of some texts."

The meaning of this notice is that:

  1. Presentation Font Embedder was used to embed fonts into the presentation file that you are viewing.

  2. The PowerPoint version (or any other viewer) that you are using is not capable of displaying fonts that are embedded in presentation files.

  3. The text that was written in the custom fonts is still in the presentation and should be readable. However, it does not appear in the font that the author has intended it to.

Why do I see this notice?

Presentation Font Embedder allows MacⓇ users to embed custom fonts into their presentations, just like WindowsⓇ users have been doing for years. However, only the Windows and Android™ versions of MicrosoftⓇ PowerPoint support the viewing of embedded fonts at the time of writing. Note that these two versions together make up the largest installed base of all PowerPoint versions in distribution by far.


The notice that you see was inserted by Presentation Font Embedder in order to notify users in the case that they cannot view the embedded fonts.

What can I do to view the fonts?

In order to view the fonts embedded in the presentation you would have to open it in a viewer that supports the display of these fonts, such as Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, or Microsoft PowerPoint for Android.

Do all users see this notice?

No, only users that use a viewer that does not support display of embedded fonts can see this notice. For example, users that open presentations with embedded fonts on Windows will not see this notice (unless embedded fonts were stripped out of the presentation).

I am the author of the presentation – how can I prevent this notice from appearing?

You can prevent Presentation Font Embedder from inserting this notice to presentations that you embed fonts into by changing the preferences using the following steps:

  1. While the app is running, click on Presentation Font Embedder on the top menu bar.

  2. Hover over Preferences.

  3. Uncheck Add notice on first slide for computers that cannot display embedded fonts.

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