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Daryll Ray
Dec 6, 2017

Add Text: Insert Folder Name (not whole path)


My pictures are filed in folders named with date (YYYYMMDD) followed by a descriptive title based on event and/or people. For example: "20160523 David & Const Workers." When using pictures in slide shows, I would like to see what folder the pic came from. The path name is unnecessary, only adding to the length of the title. Is there an existing script that I could use or better yet could this feature be "added to the list?" This is a great app!!!

Dec 6, 2017

Dear Daryll,


Thank you for contacting us and for purchasing: Bright Renamer.


A Meta Tag of: "File path" is indeed available but as you have mentioned, it contains the full path and not only the parent name, we might add a new meta tag in the next version which will contain only the parent name.


In the meantime, there are couple of ways to achieve this task using the current: "File path" Meta Tag, (using RegEx or AppleScript is possible but in order to keep things simple - I will suggest an option which doesn't require RegEx or scripts):


The trick is to use the current: "File path" meta tag which will add the full path and then use the: "Remove range" rule to keep only the last part of the path.


Two rules required:

1. Add Text - settings:

* Place it at: Start or End (according to your preference), you can even use the other placing options.

* Insert the following text: Click the + button and add a: "File-->File path" meta tag.

(Tip: you can add additional custom text or spaces before or after the: "File path" token).

2. Remove Range - settings:

* Start at: Char/Text: "/", From: Beginning, Occurence: 1, Shift:0

* End at: Char/Text: "/", From: End, Occurence: 1, Shift:1


I recommend saving a Preset after adding those rules in order to save time when needed them again in the future.


Please see attached picture for an example and feel free to update how it works for you or if any further information is required - I will happily assist.



Best regards,

Sahar Radomsky

Daryll Ray
Dec 6, 2017

Thank you for your prompt reply and your suggestions, I will give them a try. Also appreciate your consiideration of including an additional Meta Tag.


Dec 6, 2017

It is my pleasure... looking forward to hear if or how the above solution works for you.


Best regards,

Sahar Radomsky

Daryll Ray
Dec 6, 2017

Success: I duplicated your example added a space token before the "File path" token (per your tip) and got exactly what I wanted. I saved the rules as a Preset and successfully tested it on another folder so I am ready to work on the dozens of folders of containing pic files on my hard drive. Thank you very much.

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